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Exalton is a file management platform that is leveraging emerging technologies to bring in a new wave of collaboration.

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You're in control now. Real control.

We get it, you’re working with sensitive files and you don’t want them getting in the wrong hands. Maybe your current file management platform is confusing or frustrating to work with — we get that too.

That’s why we built exalton, so you can focus on building the next big thing with whomever, wherever.


By leveraging state-of-the-art/best in class) asset encryption, traceability, and identity management, your files are secured wherever they are.


Our platform’s design let’s you build your collaboration environment with as little effort as possible.


And for the first time on any file management platform, high-powered, distributed automated workflows enabled by smart contracts.

But why should you care?

Across all industries, billions of dollars are lost globally to the piracy of intellectual property and corporate espionage. Without a proper way to securely and easily manage critical files, distributed collaboration bottlenecks with trust.

It's about time there was a file manager that gave you absolute confidence in your file management.

We believe in versatility.

Exalton is built to help users across various industries because we know that files need to be secure no matter who you are.

Life Science
Work together on exploring new drug targets and therapeutics with scientists from around the world without a worry. Whether you're a small biotech, an academic lab or a scientist with a brilliant idea, you don't have to be scared anymore to collaborate with the right people. With the highest level of encryption used for research files, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.
Ensure that your patient data is secured and always falls in the right hands, increasing your reliability and gaining the trust of your valued communities. Work freely with other healthcare organizations in generating large cross-organization data sets or governing institutions. HIPAA compliance along with our state of the art encryption ensures that your patient data is never out of your control. Smart contracts can be used to transfer IP, patient data and funds if the right input is received, while generating legally binding nomenclature as well.
Academic institutions and corporate R&D lie at the heart of each wave of technological evolution. Unfortunately, only 18% of academic researchers are actively collaborating with one another because there lacks the proper technology to facilitate trust. Like never before, collaborate with your internal and external teammates with authentication and work attribution to ensure that your collective work is more focused on your research than politics.

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