The most seamless and secure way to collaborate

Exalton is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to collaborate with anyone,
anywhere, without clunky workflows or security concerns.

Workspaces and channels

Align your teams in a smarter way.

Exalton's applicaton helps you organize your files into workspaces and channels. You can also create custom tags and filters to simplify file navigation and querying.

Access Hierarchy

Automate access to files for better engagement.

Within our application, you can maintain project oversight by defining roles into admins, team leads, team members, and guests. In doing so, you'll be able to elect user roles in the network to more effectively engage with your files.

Online & offline control

Maintain total control over files at all times.

Exalton is capable of logging and enforcing activities regardless of whether files are developed inside or outside the application. This allows you to closely monitor and actively enforce any user's permissions by leveraging embedded solutions into each user's work environment.

File endorsements

Ensure approvals for sharing sensitive files.

Exalton's ledger enforces a permissioned consensus. Our notification and reporting system notifies network administers to authorize updates and to train the ledger orderers. Additionally, because the ledger system expands to offline monitoring, assets can safely be transacted across disparate development and continue to maintain an immutable record.

Auditable file history

Check what your file has been up to.

Exalton expedites enterprise auditing and analytics to facilitate transparency and trust throughout a project's lifecycle. You'll be able to easily access activity reports through a permissioned, immutable, and distributed ledger.

Automated file delivery

Spend more time doing work, and less time worrying about logistics.

Integrations will enable you to automatically generate documentation, legal paperwork, and reports for logistical objectives This means that you and your team spend less time and money on internal and external efforts for peripheral file logistics.

Modular automation

Streamline your workflow by letting us do the busy work.

Using exalton's modular automation view, you can easily coordinate each step of a file's lifecycle. Automated workflows enable you to streamline the storage, transfer, and archiving of your files to reduce the time spent managing assets.

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